Obituary : Ann Perry RSHom

Ann Perry RSHom

(3rd from the left)

Allen College Teacher 1998-2017

It is with great sadness that we say Goodbye to Ann who quietly passed away on 10th August 2022 with her daughters by her side, at home.

Ann was a respected and gentle teacher who nurtured students in the world of homoeopathy.  Her dignified manner represented her professionalism and sincerity to her patients and students.  She, a leader in our team, inspired students to study and study more.

Her loyalty to Allen College for almost 20 years allowed us to expand and develop with her insight and forward thinking.  

Ann in fact, suggested the conception of Allen College from the very beginning and within weeks we were planning a curriculum and made an application to the Society of Homoeopaths for accreditation.  Twenty-four years on, the college has students from all over, made possible by the technology of video links.  Ann was not so keen on this but maintained interest and support despite her misgivings.

Not only was Ann a wonderful teacher but her gentle soul inspired her to start creative writing in the later years and she always composed a poem for the graduation ceremony to describe her year with the students.   Not only that, but she also provided cakes and puddings for the event which I’m sure everyone will recall.

Her artistic skills complemented her work, and she shared her knowledge freely.  She tried many mediums and always had a project or two ‘in process’, often with birds or flowers as the focus.  

Ann Perry, friend, colleague, teacher we will miss you.  Your name will be ever present at Allen College. 

Janet Banerjea 


August 2022

Some tributes from her students are below.

Both ladies (the Queen and Ann)  had that agelessness that made you think that they would always be there, however impossible, and so their passing is a shock. Ann was an excellent teacher, as well as a great baker and a very calm presence. I particularly remember her teaching of Gelsemium – her lesson has stayed with me, to the advantage of patients and family alike.

I have been thinking a lot about Ann lately and am very sad to hear this news. She has always been very important to me, and to Homoeopathy.

Thank you for sharing . Ann was a wonderful teacher and will not be forgotten by many of us , that I’m sure . Please extend condolences to her family .

Thank you very much for letting me know.  I would like to say I really enjoyed learning from Ann she really believed in me and was the encouraging force behind my journey into Homeopathy.  Ann will be so missed.

Thank you for sharing this news, how lovely that she was at home & with her family.. as it should be.

I was just thinking of Ann’s puddings when I got this message, I’m glad she was peaceful

Many shared memories of Ann not only her homoeopathy teaching and inspiration but her craft and consideration for others

Bless her such a lovely lady. 

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  1. Ann was indeed a beautiful, wise, gentle lady. I was lucky enough to be taught by her, supervised in the early days by her and was treated by her. She was also my friend in latter years as well as all the above. We had lovely lunches, and lots of laughs too. I will always think of her with love and be grateful she was with me through my journey of homeopathy.

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