Here at Allen College of Homoeopathy, we have been teaching, training and supporting Homoeopaths for over twenty years

With our passionate and highly experienced teachers and pastoral support along the way, you will become a confident and well rounded Homoeopath.

Why study at Allen College?

  • Learn from world renowned Homoeopathy Lecturers and practising Homoeopaths.
  • Engage in extensive clinical training and comparative Materia Medica, in our teaching clinic right from the beginning.
  • Fully recognised by the Society of Homeopaths, granting successful graduates the prestigious RSHom status (Students can also join the Society with free membership and have access to a variety of seminars and other benefits)
  • Learn simple Homoeopathy and prescribe with confidence and clarity.
  • Study from a structured curriculum that is regularly evaluated and adapted.
  • All of our courses are part-time so you can fit it in with the rest of your commitments.
  • Classroom and distance learning options, with all lectures recorded for all to view after class.
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