Calcutta Clinical Training

Upcoming Calcutta Clinical training dates – 18th February (Tuesday) 2025 – 28th February (Friday) 2025

A two-week homoeopathy training program in Calcutta for all homoeopathy practitioners


Perhaps the ONLY programme in the world, which demonstrates

125+ LIVE non-edited cases in 10 days, where live interaction with patient is encouraged.

Our two week Clinical Training in Homoeopathy Programme at Calcutta, established in 1985, gives the opportunity for students and graduates to take part in over 125+ cases. The aim of this homoeopathy course is to bolster your existing knowledge and methods with the demonstration of simple, classical, time-tested methods.


  • 125+ live cases in 10 days: Practical presentation.
  • Improved cases with heavy pathology seen & discussed during this intensive programme.
  • Established in 1985 with Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea.
  • Drs. Subrata & Saptarshi have international reputation with vast experience of cured cases.
  • Ready application of Clinical Materia Medica & Miasm (use Miasm as repeatedly verified methodology in daily practice).
  • Extensive lecture notes provided.
  • Simple classical teaching. Guarantees confidence on Materia Medica & how to compare related medicines (The Mecca of Materia Medica teaching).
  • Individual support & guidance, as the groups are smaller.
  • 60+ hours of CPD & Clinical hours Certificate.
  • Observe homoeopathy in action in advanced pathologies and develop your confidence.
  • See how simple homoeopathy works. The non confusing, time-tested methodology of combining miasm and totality.
  • Purchase homoeopathic medicines while in India in a very reasonable rate and the savings thereof will pay for your trip.

3 Primary Aims of the Programme:

  1.  Do not get confused by different methodologies. Believe in 230+ years of a clear approach to prescribing including miasms, totality & essence with sound knowledge in Materia Medica. A practical method which gives you and your patient the confidence in homoeopathy.
  2.  See “Homoeopathy in Action” through 125+ live cases in 10 days with practical demonstration of cured cases with heavy pathology.
  3.  Homoeopathy can work quickly. Re-visit the action of century old lesser    known Organopathic medicines like Helonius, Tanacetum, Verbena in Depression; Amyl Nit., Epiphegus, Melilotus, Onosmodium, Usnea for Migraine and wean off the conventional chemicals in accordance with aphorism §91 of Organon and thereby giving confidence to the patient that (a) yes, I can control the dosage and may take fewer chemicals; (b) there are alternatives to manage my condition and (c) homoeopathy is working for me!

Run by fourth and fifth generation Homoeopaths, Dr Subrata K Banerjea and his son, Dr Saptarshi Banerjea, you will have the opportunity to learn from their methods of homoeopathic prescribing and wonderful grasp of the nuances of Materia Medica. We provide students with a solid foundation, based on therapeutic principles whilst incorporating modern concepts. This enables students to evaluate and develop their own clinical processes and helps to develop competent, confident and caring Homoeopaths.

Who can sign up?

The programme is intended for graduates of professional homoeopathy courses, newly qualified and those who have been in practice for a number of years. The programme is unsuitable for complete beginners.

Due to the nature of the programme the numbers are limited in order to maximise learning opportunities.

Brief course details

i)  Medium of discussion: English

ii)  Duration of programme: 10 working days (1 day off).

iii)  Working Schedule: 9.30 a.m. till 4.30 p.m.

 iv)  2025 Dates: 18th February (Tuesday) to 28th February (Friday) 2025.

v)  Programme Fees (for Tuition only): £900.00 (British Pounds Nine Hundred only).

Arrangements for Tea & Coffee are provided. We do not provide any food (please bring your own lunch on working days).

Accommodation and all other food expenses are to be met separately by each individual participant.

 vi)  Clinic Recording: 36 hours (Approx) of Clinic Recording of Live Cases available: British Pounds: £300 (especially for those who cannot attend the programme in Calcutta).

More information :

Observe and participate in simple, classical, time-tested methods, and watch Homoeopathy work wonders in the Indian subcontinent. 

Learn clear approaches within the realm of classical homoeopathy, dating back many generations, with prescribing techniques including miasms, totality, essence and knowledge of Materia Medica. Our practical homoeopathy methods will give you and your patients confidence in homoeopathy.

Witness how quickly Homoeopathy can work. Revisit the action of century old lesser known Organopathic medicines like Helonius, Tanacetum, Verbena in Depression; Amyl Nit., Epiphegus, Melilotus, Onosmodium, Usnea, and give your patients freedom from dangerous side-effects.

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