Month: February 2022

Our Prescribing : Dispensing & Repetition

I would just like give you a summary about my Classical & Practical approach: Dr. Banerjea’s Remedy Selection & Dispensing the Dose: Obviously if the case has a clear picture with clear modalities and sensations, I will take Prescribing Approach- A, as detailed above. The constitutional prescribing which has the qualitative totality, not only a …

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By Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea This section is meant for homoeopaths only. Applying the following protocol it may be possible in some instances to reduce the dependence on conventional medicine. The practice in India by licensed doctors such as B.H.M.S, who can reduce pharmaceutical drugs, if deemed appropriate. However, in the U.K, if the patient …


The Kamala Banerjee Memorial Fund | Calcutta Homoeopathy Project | It is a charity supporting the poor people of calcutta

Our Charity – The Kamala Banerjee Memorial Fund : Calcutta Homoeopathy Project

Allen College of Homoeopathy alongside Bengal Allen Medical Institute, run the Kamala Banerjee Memorial Fund, a charity supporting the poorer people of Calcutta, by providing free homoeopathic treatment in the slums of Calcutta, as well as free milk to orphans and children living the in the slums since 1986. Approximately 250 people benefit from the …

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The Banerjea Family ; Five Generations of Homoeopaths

First generation : Kalipada BanerjeeLate Kalipada Banerjee was born in a town near Calcutta in the year 1846. After completing his basic studies,he became interested in Homoeopathy and started studying Homoeopathy of his own accord. At that time therewere no Homoeopathic Colleges in Calcutta. After acquiring knowledge in the Homoeopathic science, hestarted practicing in his …

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Homoeopathy or Homeopathy

Allen College values tradition, which underpins the college’s ethos. If we look at key words whichdescribe the teaching and practice at Allen College, they can be found in a simple, connected word search.Classical, authentic, conventional, established, accepted. Classical homoeopathy is established as straightforward and simple. Our students are taught and mentoredby credible practising homoeopaths who …

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