Your investment will cover all lectures, tuition, seminars, clinical training, assessments and certification.

£3150.00 per year.

This consists of an initial non-refundable deposit of £500 in your first year, leaving the outstanding payment of £2650. Payment via 10 instalments for the remainder is available, however there will be a 10% surcharge for this.

Classroom Attendance or Online video-link (live transmission from the classroom): £930 per year (5 modules).

Fees can be paid in 3 instalments, with a 10% surcharge. Therefore for the 2 years it will be £1860 (with additional 10% if paid in instalments).

Fees include an extensive handout for each lecture.

For any Homoeopaths or graduates wishing to sign up for individual modules, you can do so for £210 (classroom attendance), or £190 (videolink). Each module runs over 2 days


Programme Fees (for Tuition only): £880.00

Fee – £60 for the day (classroom attendance or online).

£680.00 for the seven days (for US Dollars or Euro, please use: www.xe.com for the current transaction rate of the day of payment;).Partial participation – £ 105 Per Day

£630 (online) for 7 days or £98 for each day; includes extensive lecture notes for Interactive Video-link (transmitted live from the classroom) participation.

£360 (with handout) or £60 per day, if you only want the session recordings: Recordings will be kept for 3 months for unlimited viewings