About Us

Allen College

At Allen College of Homoeopathy, we teach Classical Homoeopathy, an effective and gentle system of medicine which uses remedies from a wide range of natural sources to heal the person as a whole, rather than individual symptoms.
We focus on simple, time tested methods that have been used in our own practices and by the Banerjea family for over a century.
We bring together the medicines, philosophy and medical science to give you a solid foundation as a Homoeopath in your own practice.
Dr Subrata K Banerjea

We inspire our students with a passion for homoeopathy, which enables them to build successful homoeopathic careers.

Dr Subrata K Banerjea – Principal

The Principals

Dr Subrata K Banerjea – Principal

Dr. Subrata Banerjea, BHMS FFHom FHMA is an internationally respected teacher and clinical Homoeopath who has lectured around the world since 1985. For five generations, the ‘Banerjea family’ has been recognised as authorities on miasmatic prescribing and Dr. Banerjea continues this tradition. Dr Banerjea enjoys the challenges of Homoeopathic practice in advanced cases and regularly teaches all over the world.

Subrata has written a number of books including “Clinical and Comparative Materia Medica”; “Classical Homoeopathy for an Impatient World” and the widely acclaimed “Miasmatic Prescribing”. Subrata’s insights into prescribing with his grasp of the nuances of Materia Medica make his lectures wonderfully rewarding and gives him the confidence in prescribing especially in advanced cases.

He rarely uses the Repertory, as his prescriptions are based on his command of Materia Medica.

He has also managed many acute crises in Indian Homoeopathic Medical Centres, where he still visits 2 to 3 times a year. Subrata’s international reputation for the last 35+ years, both as an inspiring teacher and a successful Homoeopath is based on his extensive experience from his very busy clinical practice.

He also plays a very active role, in the Kamala Banerjee fund, a charity which distributes milk and free homoeopathic treatment to children from the slum of Calcutta, India.

Janet Banerjea – Joint Principal

Janet’s commitment to homoeopathy began in 1982 when she witnessed the impact and benefits of homeopathic treatment for family and friends who were struggling with their health. She has been a practising Homoeopath since 1991 and began supervising and teaching in 1993. Janet’s diploma course inspired her to further her homoeopathic training by attending the Bengal Allen Course in Kolkata in 1992 which cemented her studies and furthered her quest for knowledge.

As a teacher, Janet is enthusiastic and creative and encourages her students to engage actively in her lectures and learn the processes in a way that is memorable for each individual. Janet’s supervision groups, to which practitioners commit to attending every two months or so as part of their CPD, is a supportive and engaging space in which practitioners discuss cases and practice issues.

Janet’s own practice is popular and busy with patients who frequently comment that they enjoyed their session and particularly appreciate Janet’s focus on listening throughout her attentive consultations.

Alongside homeopathy, Janet enjoys her garden, textiles, trying her hand at a variety of arts and crafts and loves all animals – particularly those with big personalities.

Why choose Allen College?

  • Learn from inspiring world renowned Homoeopathy Lecturers and practising Homoeopaths
  • Learn Medical sciences alongside Homoeopathy from medically trained Doctors who are also qualified Homoeopaths.
  • Our 3 year part-time Diploma Licentiate (accredited by the Society of Homeopaths) gives your the opportunity to take your career in a new direction
  • Choose our 2 year Post-graduate course (for existing Homoeopaths) and begin at any point in the year, due to its modular format.
  • Learn simple methodologies and prescribe with confidence and clarity.
  • Immerse yourself in a supportive and nurturing atmosphere, with students from all around the world.
  • Train to become a confident and successful Homoeopath at the UK’s leading Classical Homoeopathy College.
  • Engage in extensive clinical training and comparative Materia Medica, in our teaching clinic right from the beginning.
  • Learn business skills and tips about setting up your own practice.
  • Fully recognised by the Society of Homeopaths, granting successful graduates the prestigious RSHom status (Students can also join the Society with free membership and have access to a variety of seminars and other benefits)
  • Study from a carefully structured and cohesive curriculum that is regularly evaluated and adapted.