Winter Seminars

Join our winter seminars which cover a variety of different topics, bringing together a combination of Materia Medica, therapeutics, philosophy and clinical aspects. These sessions are for students and Homoeopaths.

Each seminar runs from 10am to 5pm, with two short breaks and a lunch break. Participants can attend in the classroom or online.

Seminar Tutorials 2021-2022

We will be exploring causes and characteristics of anxiety and stress. Discuss management of this and learn some aspects of Materia Medica relevant to these conditions. Insomnia is a feature of both and will be discussed separately.
  1. First Aid and Injury
  2. Acute illness
  3. Pain medicine
  4. Digestive disorders
  5. Childhood remedies
  6. An extensive range of polychrest remedies (those medicines which are multi-faceted)

*Approximately 50 Remedies are taught this year

Some calls to the clinic need a quick answer, this seminar will provide a ready reference for those phone calls. Including a check list of when to refer. High Fever, Sore throats, Teething, Bedwetting, Toilet training and other similar troubles of early years.

Case Discussion:- Janet will be discussing process and remedy decision with management decisions from her practice.

Entry requirements:

Open to non-ACH students and Homoeopaths.

Payment & Fees:

Fee – £60 for the day (classroom attendance or online).

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