Diploma Licentiate Course

At Allen College of Homoeopathy we teach Classical Homoeopathy, an effective and gentle system of medicine, which uses remedies from a wide range of natural sources to heal the person as a whole, rather than simply treating individual symptoms.

Similia Similibus Curentur
Let likes be treated by likes

Diploma course in homoeopathy with excellent teaching | Become a confident Homoeopath with a diploma course in homoeopathy

“...Homoeopathy considers the man as a whole, not just his individual parts...
.... Homoeopathy offers a gentle way towards the health of the entire individual... ”

Principles and Art of Cure by Dr. H. Roberts M.D

We focus on simple, time-tested methods that have been used in our own practices and by the Banerjea family for over a century. By bringing together medicines, philosophy and medical science, here at Allen College we provide a solid foundation to use in your own practice as a Homoeopath.

Engage in extensive Clinical Training with live cases and Comparative Materia Medica in our Teaching Clinic, right from the beginning.

Our Aims:

Here at Allen College of Homoeopathy, we have been teaching, training and supporting Homoeopaths for almost thirty years. With our passionate and highly experienced teachers we aim to produce competent, confident and caring Homoeopaths who will be assets to the profession.

We provide our students with a solid foundation in Homoeopathy, based on therapeutic principles and incorporated with modern concepts. This enables students to evaluate and develop their own clinical procedures.

We teach how to deal with Drug dependant cases: detailed methodology will be discussed with case studies.

Why study at Allen College?

  • Learn from world-renowned Homoeopathy Lecturers and practicing Homoeopaths.
  • Engage in extensive clinical training and comparative Materia Medica in our teaching clinic, right from the beginning.
  • Fully recognised by Independent Homoeopathy Accreditation (IHA) granting successful graduates the prestigious R.S.Hom status.
  • Students can become members of the Society of Homeopaths and gain access to a variety of seminars and other benefits.
  • Learn classical Homoeopathy and prescribe with confidence and clarity.
  • Study from a structured curriculum that is regularly evaluated and adapted.

Mode of Study:

  • The course is presented through a series of pre-recorded video lectures which allows each student to adapt their studies around their own work/life schedule.
  • There are some real time live lectures, as well.
  • There are no set times to watch or attend the lectures enabling each person to organise their life around their studies allowing each student to study at their own pace.
  • New students can register and, after payment, gain immediate access to the course website at any time.
  • There are no additional fees for Medical Science and Clinical Training which are integral within the course.

Medicines of Homoeopathic Materia Medica are presented through personality profile pictures for everlasting impression. Visit: https://allencollege.co.uk/medicines-and-books/


The course is designed for students to work at their own pace. Students can take three years to complete all three modules. However, those who can commit to additional study hours per month, are able to complete in two years.

We teach time tested, scientific, the non-confusing classical method, the “Simple Homoeopathy”, founded on solid principles.

Online Attendance:

Here at Allen College, we provide our students with a solid foundation in Classical Homoeopathy based on therapeutic principles as well as modern and practical concepts.

Excellent teaching and support from the College, alongside a strong commitment to your studies from you, will ensure your development into a competent and confident professional Homoeopath.

Allen College of Homoeopathy has welcomed students into the physical classroom for almost thirty years. However, times have changed greatly, particularly over the last few years. Due to these global shifts to online learning and with the aim of making the course more widely accessible we are now offering pre-recorded lectures. These are available to view at your own convenience, from anywhere in the world.

There are also some live lectures in which students can interact with the teachers.

Our heritage spans over 30 years and enjoys a world-renowned reputation for the highest level of teaching.

Course Structure - Overview:

This is a three-year part-time course, that will provide you with all the skills, knowledge and training you need to become a fully qualified, professional Homoeopath.

Learn how to implement Miasm in your prescription for an effective outcome.

Recorded Sessions (each session is six hours):

Each academic year consists of:

– Each year consists of 18 days of progressive core curriculum learning (approximately 108 hours).

– Four winter seminars (approximately 24 hours).

– Two days of cases recorded in Kolkata, India, demonstrating the depth and scope of Homoeopathy in serious pathology (approximately 12 hours).

Busy live clinics to regularly apply theory to the patient.

Live Interactive Sessions (each session is six hours):

Each academic year consists of:

  • Three scheduled interactive live sessions are transmitted via video link in real time and during which, interaction with teachers and other students is encouraged to maximise this learning opportunity (approximately 18 hours).
  • Clinical Experience- Six live clinics each year- An integral part of learning is clinical experience which is an opportunity to learn the practical prescribing with tutors and patient present:
    Six live clinic days, which are an integral part of learning. The clinic days have no less than 10 live patients per day. (Approximately 36 hours).
  • As a supplement to learning towards the end of the academic year an additional case discussion day is provided, to analyse the clinic cases in more depth (approximately 6 hours).

So, in addition to the prerecorded sessions- Ten live sessions (Six clinics; one Clinical discussion and three tutorials)

This totals over 600 hours of learning material over three years.

Learn Materia Medica through comparison, groups and live application in our busy clinic seeing up to 10 cases per day.

Supervised Cases:

In the second and third years student’s are expected to take their own cases under the supervision of an experienced homoeopath.
A minimum of four, but many students participate in and present many more.

Supervised cases prepare you for practice and build a portfolio of happy patients. Allen College provides support and encouragement to improve your confidence.

Further Details:

  • The academic year begins at your own convenience and your year of study of each module will conclude with an examination. A 40% pass mark is required in order to progress to the next module.
  • Students are assessed via assignments and end of year exams, which are on a fixed day in May each year. If you need to schedule another date there is a fee of £100.
  • Home assignments are given to complement learning from lectures, and students are also encouraged to keep a reflective diary. This is a process to track your development and learning.
  • When registering for the course you will receive our Student Handbook which includes a study guide, supervision information and criteria for graduation.

Course Syllabus:

Please see below for a brief overview of the course over the three years. Students will gain clinical and practical homoeopathy experience throughout this 3-Year Diploma course in Homoeopathy, including case taking, homoeopathic prescribing and case management.

Year One

  1. Look at Personal Goals
  2. Practitioner skill development
  3. Ethical issues
  4. Organon of Medicine
  5. Concept of health and disease
  6. Life and work of Samuel Hahnemann
  7. Case Taking
  8. Characterising Symptoms
  9. Uncommon and Common symptoms
  10. Completing a symptom
  11. Case Dissection
  12. Fundamental Cause of disease
  13. Double complex disease
  14. Miasmatic prescribing
  15. Pharmacy
  16. Potency and dilution

Approximately 50 Remedies are taught this year

  1. First Aid and Injury
  2. Acute illness
  3. Pain medicine
  4. Digestive disorders
  5. Childhood remedies
  6. An extensive range of polychrest remedies (those medicines which are multi-faceted)
  1. Cell construction
  2. Immunity
  3. Osteology
  4. Lymphatic system
  5. Anatomy of digestive organs
  6. Liver, gallbladder, pancreas
  7. Gastroenterology
  8. Heart and cardiovascular system
  9. Respiratory system

Year Two

  1. Practitioner’s Skill Development
  2. Qualities of a Homoeopath
  3. Concept of single remedy
  4. Emotional Issues
  5. Applied case-taking
  6. Repertory
  7. Diet and Nutrition
  8. Responses to medicine
  9. Susceptibility
  10. Proving of Substances
  11. One-sided disease

Approximately 76 Remedies are taught in Year Two

  1. Clinical Therapeutics & Practical prescribing
  2. A Wide Range of Polychrests
  3. Homoeopathic Mother Tinctures and how to deal the drug dependant cases (detailed methodology will be discussed with case studies)
  1. Reproductive system
  2. Respiratory
  3. Nervous system
  4. Dermatology

Year Three

  1. Repertory
  2. Digital repertory
  3. Miasms
  4. Kent’s Twelve Observations
  5. Repetition of doses
  6. Managing the case
    Suppression, Palliation
  7. Case management
  8. How to manage cases of neglect and abuse
  9. Marketing and Practice Management

Approximately 51 medicines are covered in this year

  1. Materia Medica- Further in-depth study
  2. Materia Medica of Nosodes
  3. Paediatric Prescribing including Autism, ADHD cases
  4. Clinical Therapeutics of: Asthma, Cystitis, Depression, Eczema, Hay fever, Hypertension, Migraine, Osteo-arthritis, Psoriasis, Tumors, etc.
  5. Drug dependant cases (detailed methodology will be discussed with case studies)
  1. Rheumatological Disorders
  2. Autism
  3. Psychosomatic issues
  4. Anxiety and Depression
  5. Addiction
  6. Nervous disorders
  7. Paediatrics
  8. Haematological Disorders
  9. Immunological Disorders
  10. Cardiac Disorders
  11. Endocrine Disorders
  12. Renal Disorders
  13. Dermatology
  14. Prostate Disorders
  15. Respiratory Disorders
  16. ENT Disorders

Recordings of clinics in Kolkata, India, all in English. Learn on the ground and see what Homoeopathy can do in pathology.

Payment & Fees:

Your investment will cover all lectures, lecture handout materials, tuition, seminars, clinical training, assessments, and certification. Medical science classes and clinical training are an
integral part of the course, and subject to no additional fees.

Total fee for the three modules £8700.00
£2900.00 per year, per module.

Ten instalments:
A £500 non-refundable initial payment is required
For balance payment in instalments: A 10% surcharge is payable.
@£264.00 per instalment payment.

Fees are subject to change periodically.

Entry requirements:

We welcome adults of all ages. Prior learning and life experience are considered in addition to formal qualifications. It is expected that applicants are proficient in spoken and
written English, to enable full participation in the course.

We welcome students who are serious and committed to Homoeopathy and have a mind that can embrace both the logic of science and the intuitive, creative skills of the arts. Our
students must possess an aptitude for study, commitment and enthusiasm.

Students’ Testimonials:

“Nearing the end of the most exciting, stimulating and encouraging years of my life, I can say that the Allen College is going to stand proud in the world of Classical Homoeopathy and I am privileged to have been a part of its early growth. The course is very professionally run by the most caring and experienced tutors — everyone is aiming for the same goal, to spread the word of homoeopathy as Hahnemann taught, with emphasis upon miasmatic prescribing, led by our dynamic Principal Dr Subrata Banerjea.”
Corinne Snowling
“I feel incredibly fortunate that I chose the Allen College for my inspiring and rewarding journey into Homoeopathy, expertly guided by the most knowledgeable tutors.”
Jan Taylor
“A brilliant and inspiring course which gives you a wonderful background and grounding in miasmatic homoeopathic prescribing, especially with the college clinic reinforcing theory into practice. I feel privileged and very fortunate to have such experienced lecturers and homoeopaths giving constant support and encouragement. I would recommend this course to anyone seriously wishing to practice Classical Homoeopathy at its very best.”
Annette Tan
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