Diploma Licentiate Course

Here at Allen College, we provide our students with a solid foundation in Classical Homoeopathy, based on therapeutic principles as well as modern concepts.

Excellent teaching and support from the College, alongside a strong commitment from you, will turn you into a competent and confident Homoeopath.

Diploma course in homoeopathy with excellent teaching | Become a confident Homoeopath with a diploma course in homoeopathy


This is a 3-year part-time homoeopathy course, which will provide you with all the skills, knowledge and training you need to become a fully qualified Homoeopath.

  • Each year consists of 10 weekends of core curriculum learning;
  • 7 Clinic days, which is an integral part of learning homoeopathy from the very beginning, where students can experience the practical aspects of homoeopathy prescribing and participating in a clinical environment with patients at our teaching clinic.
  • 4 winter seminars
  • Summer conference, consisting of a week of learning with other students, graduates and Homoeopaths, with a strong focus on case discussion and comparative Materia Medica.

This will amount to approximately 186 classroom hours and 36 clinical hours per academic year.

Further details:

  • The academic year begins in October (with one clinical day mid-September) and concludes in June.
  • Students are required to attend at least 60% of all lectures.
  • Students (in the classroom and distance learning) are encouraged to participate and interact with lecturers and students.
  • Each classical homoeopathy session is recorded and can be viewed by students for the three weeks following the lecture.
  • You can combine classroom learning with distance learning – eg. Years One and Two (distance learning) and Year Three (classroom)
  • We have an in-house library with an extensive collection of essential reference books
  • The College is purpose-built, providing a comfortable and productive learning environment, with a kitchen and outdoor area.

Course Syllabus:

Please see below for a brief overview of the course over the three years. Students will gain clinical and practical homoeopathy experience throughout this 3-Year Diploma course in Homoeopathy, including case taking, homoeopathic prescribing and case management.

Year One

  1. Look at Personal Goals
  2. Practitioner skill development
  3. Ethical issues
  4. Organon of Medicine
  5. Concept of health and disease
  6. Life and work of Samuel Hahnemann
  7. Case Taking
  8. Characterising Symptoms
  9. Uncommon and Common symptoms
  10. Completing a symptom
  11. Case Dissection
  12. Fundamental Cause of disease
  13. Double complex disease
  14. Miasm
  15. Pharmacy
  16. Potency and dilution
  1. First Aid and Injury
  2. Acute illness
  3. Pain medicine
  4. Digestive disorders
  5. Childhood remedies
  6. An extensive range of polychrest remedies (those medicines which are multi-faceted)

*Approximately 50 Remedies are taught this year

  1. Cell construction
  2. Immunity
  3. Osteology
  4. Lymphatic system
  5. Anatomy of digestive organs
  6. Liver, gallbladder, pancreas
  7. Gastroenterology
  8. Heart and cardiovascular system
  9. Respiratory system

Year Two

  1. Practitioner’s Skill Development
  2. Qualities of a Homoeopath
  3. Concept of single remedy
  4. Emotional Issues
  5. Applied case-taking
  6. Repertory
  7. Diet and Nutrition
  8. Responses to medicine
  9. Susceptibility
  10. Proving of Substances
  11. One-sided disease
  1. Therapeutics
  2. A wide range of polychrests
  3. Homoeopathic Mother Tinctures

*Approximately 100 Remedies are taught in Year Two

  1. Reproductive system
  2. Respiratory
  3. Nervous system
  4. Dermatology

Year Three

  1. Repertory
  2. Digital repertory
  3. Miasms
  4. Kent’s Twelve Observations
  5. Repetition of doses
  6. Managing the case
    Suppression, Palliation
  7. Case management
  8. How to manage cases of neglect and abuse
  9. Marketing and Practice Management
  1. Materia Medica : Further depth
  2. Nosodes
  3. Paediatric Prescribing
  4. Therapeutics
  5. Migraine

*Approximately 150 medicines are covered in this year

  1. Rheumatological Disorders
  2. Autism
  3. Psychosomatic issues
  4. Anxiety and Depression
  5. Addiction
  6. Nervous disorders
  7. Paediatrics
  8. Haematological Disorders
  9. Immunological Disorders
  10. Cardiac Disorders
  11. Endocrine Disorders
  12. Renal Disorders
  13. Dermatology
  14. Prostate Disorders
  15. Respiratory Disorders
  16. ENT Disorders

Entry requirements:

We welcome adults of all ages. Prior learning and life experience are considered, as well as formal qualifications. It is expected that applicants are proficient in spoken and written English, in order to fully participate in the course.

We welcome students who are serious and sincerely committed to Homoeopathy, have a mind that can embrace both the logic of Science and the intuitive, creative skills of the Arts. Our students must possess an aptitude to study, commitment and enthusiasm.

Payment & Fees:

£3150.00 per year

This consists of an initial non-refundable deposit of £500 in your first year, leaving the outstanding payment of £2650.

Payment via 10 instalments for the remainder is available, however, there will be a 10% surcharge for this.

*Your investment will cover all lectures, tuition, seminars, clinical training, assessments and certification.

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