Forthcoming courses and events

Here at Allen College, we teach simple, time-tested and classical Homoeopathy. We equip our students with a solid foundation of knowledge along with the confidence to prescribe effectively, including miasms, totality and essence.

Forthcoming events and courses

125+ LIVE non-edited cases in 10 days, where live interaction with patient is encouraged: February 2025

7 Day Summer Conference June 2024: Intensive Comparative Materia Medica and Clinical Homoeopathy

Post Graduate Programme (modular course)

ACH-Japan Division – new under-graduate course

Diploma Licentiate Course beginning September 2024

10 Reasons to go to Calcutta

Students’ Teaching Clinic

Winter Seminars

Learn Simple Methodologies and Prescribe with Confidence

Presentations of some key polychrests and their personality profiles

Why choose Allen College?

  • Learn from inspiring world renowned Homoeopathy Lecturers and practising Homoeopaths
  • Learn Medical sciences alongside Homoeopathy from medically trained Doctors who are also qualified Homoeopaths.
  • Our 3 year part-time Diploma Licentiate (accredited by the Society of Homeopaths) gives your the opportunity to take your career in a new direction
  • Choose our 2 year Post-graduate course (for existing Homoeopaths) and begin at any point in the year, due to its modular format.
  • Learn simple methodologies and prescribe with confidence and clarity.
  • Immerse yourself in a supportive and nurturing atmosphere, with students from all around the world.
  • Train to become a confident and successful Homoeopath at the UK’s leading Classical Homoeopathy College.
  • Engage in extensive clinical training and comparative Materia Medica, in our teaching clinic right from the beginning.
  • Learn business skills and tips about setting up your own practice.
  • Fully recognised by the Society of Homeopaths, granting successful graduates the prestigious RSHom status (Students can also join the Society with free membership and have access to a variety of seminars and other benefits). Also fully recognised by the Homeopathic Medical Association UK.,
  • Study from a carefully structured and cohesive curriculum that is regularly evaluated and adapted.

Other Links

Please visit our extensive gallery of well-documented cases, which forms the basis of Subrata’s book: “Authentic Cures”

Subrata’s lecturing videos

Banerjea’s Miasmatic Approach- “Miasmatic Prescribing

What we teach we demonstrate in our Students’ Teaching Clinic in England

Picturised representation of medicines : Behavioural Materia Medica

Dr. Banerjea’s family serving Homoeopathy through 5 Generations

Books Authored by Dr. Banerjea

Become a confident prescriber with the time-tested, simple and classical approach of combining miasms, totality & essence, along with sound knowledge in Materia Medica (prescriptions based on Materia Medica; qualitative totality not quantitative; Subrata rarely uses Repertory in his practice) with emphasis on comparative studies of medicines (Subrata’s style of teaching).
Practical re-enforcement of classical Hahnemannian-Kentian approach: consistent & repeatedly verified, even in the drug dependent cases, see how it works! (Guarantees confidence in Materia Medica as the medicines are presented through personification, pictures of faces, gestures etc. and extensive comparison with related medicines).

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