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Allen College of Homoeopathy

Accredited by the Society of Homeopaths, we have been training confident and successful Homoeopaths since 1998. We focus on simple prescribing and time-tested methods, which date back through 5 generations in the Banerjea family following Hahnemann (1755-1843).

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Here at Allen College, we teach Classical Homoeopathy, based on solid time-tested principles. We nurture our students to give them confidence and success in their practice.
Dr Subrata K. Banerjea — Principal

Our Courses

We offer a range of accredited courses for beginners and practitioners, as well as a yearly clinical training programme in the heart of Calcutta, India.

We also welcome non- ACH students and Homoeopaths to attend our Student Teaching Clinic, Winter tutorials and our annual Summer Conference.

Diploma Licentiate

A part-time 3 year course accredited by the Society of Homeopaths, which gives you all the skills and knowledge to become a confident Homoeopath.

Postgraduate Course

A 2-year modular course, designed specifically to enhance your knowledge and practice as a qualified Homoeopath.

Calcutta Clinical training​

A 2-week clinical programme that takes place in the heart of Calcutta. Take part in over 160 live cases and bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Student Clinic

Join us for Clinical and Comparative Materia Medica and Live Case discussion, where students will develop their clinical skills by taking patient cases.

Winter tutorials

Join our winter seminars which cover a variety of different topics, bringing together a combination of Materia Medica, therapeutics and Philosophy.

Summer conference

The Allen College Summer Conference is a 7 day annual conference, where students and Homoeopaths come together from around the world for an intensive week of Classical Homoeopathy in practise.

Supervision Group

Group and one-one-two sessions are open to qualified Homoeopaths, to discuss their cases and practices in a nurturing and supportive environment.


Delve into the world of Homoeopathy, and learn Classical Homoeopathy from world renowned lecturers and practising Homoeopaths.

Open Days

Come and visit the College or join us for one of our taster sessions online, and experience one of our classes for yourself.

Accreditations and Affiliations

Quantum-Veritas International University System
Quantum-Veritas International University System
Society of Homeopaths
Society of Homeopaths
Homeopathic Medical Association (HMA)
Helios Pharmacy
Forum (HCPF)
Homeopathic Course Providers Forum

Upcoming sessions

Calcutta Clinical Training

25th January 2023 - 9th February 2023

Summer Conference

25th June 2022 - 2nd July 2022

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