Supervision Groups

Supervision is an important part of the journey for Homoeopaths, whether they are just starting out in their professional homoeopathic career or have more experience. A good supervisor provides mentoring, nurturing and support, as well as information and guidance.
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Janet has been supervising students and homoeopathic practitioners since completing her Supervision course with the Society of Homoeopaths in 2002. Her approach is informal and inclusive, which gives practitioners with varying levels of experience the opportunity to discuss their cases and practice issues.

Janet’s supervision sessions focus on

  1. Case management.
  2. Practise enrichment.
  3. Professional boundaries.
  4. Developing practitioner skills & abilities.

The sessions are

  1. Inclusive and non-judgemental
  2. Nurturing and supportive
  3. A safe space
  4. An opportunity to think through cases objectively

*Supervision sessions are organised from one meeting to the next and are approximately every 8 weeks. One to one supervision is offered separately if required.


£30 per group session


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