ACH Japan Division

A glimpse into the ACH Japan Division, by Ms. Reiko Mori, P.G. Hom (ACH, U.K).

Achievements of Allen College in Japan

Dear Dr Subrata,

It was my great honor that we together with your son, Dr Saptarshi, have completed the
qualification of Post Graduate Course for twenty practitioners as ACH Post Graduates
in Japan after two years of studies. I believe this was very first instance of such event
occurred in Homoeopathic history in Japan. Everyone participated is appreciating us
for having vast, valuable, time-tested knowledge and Clinical tips, which eventually
will accentuate their success in their daily practices here in Japan. Allen College have
built a very solid foundation for us to propagate the Classical Homoeopathy in Japan
which must turn to be very practical in essence.

We learnt hundreds of satellite remedies, nearly all remedies referred in Boericke’s
Materia Medica was covered in the Post Graduate course by Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea,
M.D. (Hom). Many lesser known remedies were taught with their specific affinities and
relevant Clinical applications, so that we are confident how and when we need them.
We studied how to face with obstinate cases when well selected remedy fails. We are
now capable to help patients on wean off allopathic medication if they wish so.
Dr Saptarshi had always emphasized importance of miasmatic prescribing, thus we
never forget observing miasmatic characters in patients of any condition. We had been
impressed that single dose can go far further than we imagined; a tiny single globule
has deep penetrating power in many severe chronic cases, which has been
demonstrated in the Clinical sessions herein Tokyo; as well. All points described herein
are also of historical significance in Japan, if we compile a history of Homoeopathy in

Now we are about to open another page of history. Upon request, Allen College is
getting ready to start Part Time Four Year Under Graduate Course in Japan. We are
expecting fifteen students wish to graduate under this course. Japanese practitioners
wish Allen College to train interested students to become successful professionals. We
know Homoeopathy is century old, time tested rational art of healing which Allen
College presents in a classical, simple and rational way.

Sincerely Yours,
Ms. Reiko Mori;
Organiser in Japan

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