Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea​


An internationally respected homoeopathy teacher and clinical Homoeopath with an excellent knowledge in Miasmatic Prescribing

Fellow: Society of Homoeopaths, U.K; Homoeopathic Medical Association of the United Kingdom; Association of Natural Medicine, U.K; Akademie Homoopathischer Deutscher Zentralverein, Germany.

Director: Bengal Allen Medical Institute, India. Principal: Allen College of Homoeopathy, Essex, England
Overseas Advisor & Visiting Lecturer: QVIUS International College of Homoeopathy, Los Angeles, U.S.A; Internationale School voor Klassieke Homeopathie (ISKH), Hechtel, Belgium

Overseas Advisor & Visiting Lecturer: QVIUS International College of Homoeopathy, Los Angeles, U.S.A; Internationale School voor Klassieke Homeopathie (ISKH), Hechtel, Belgium

Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea is an internationally respected homoeopathy teacher and clinical Homoeopath, who has lectured around the world since 1985. For five generations, the ‘Banerjea family’ has been recognised as authorities on Miasmatic Prescribing and Dr. Banerjea continues this tradition. Read more

Dr Subrata K. Banerjea has written a number of books including “Clinical and Comparative Materia Medica”; “Classical Homoeopathy for an Impatient World” and the widely acclaimed “Miasmatic Prescribing”

His simple homoeopathy prescribing techniques coupled with his grasp of the nuances of Materia Medica make his lectures wonderfully rewarding and gives him the confidence in prescribing, particularly in advanced cases. He rarely uses the Repertory, as his prescriptions are based on his command of Materia Medica.

Homoeopathy is an effective and gentle system of medicine that uses remedies from a wide range of natural sources to heal the whole person. Homoeopathic treatment begins with a consultation at which your symptoms and complaints will be assessed. Physical and emotional aspects of each patient are carefully considered and emphasis is placed on how symptoms affect the individual person in order for the correct homoeopathic remedy to be prescribed.

Great emphasis is given on feelings and emotional status. Progress can easily be monitored and patients are encouraged to participate actively in their own treatment.

Homoeopathy treats the whole person as well as the individual characteristics of the problem.

Through his Miasmatic approach, he always tries to bring out the latent and deep rooted principal causes of the disease during the first course of the treatment. Sometimes only slight improvement is observed during the first six-months of the treatment but during that time, the latent or principal causes of the disease have been surfaced or removed, allowing further improvement. The dynamic energy of homoeopathic medicine gently and gradually stimulates the body’s own healing power and immunity. Then with this elevated immunity, the body begins to overcome deficiencies and the healing process begins.

The patient is often aware of the side effects of the chemicals of the conventional medicine and may want to stop or reduce the dose. This has to be done if the patient wants (with the consent of the patient &/or GP). Subrata never recommends stopping, varying, reducing or changing any medication prescribed by patient’s G.P. If this is the case, Subrata will prescribe Homoeopathic Herbal Organopathic Medicines, many of which have been used in Ayurveda since 2000 B.C Using this method the conventional medicine can be gradually reduced. He gives full control to the patient who often consults with the conventional doctor for weaning.

The first consultation usually lasts about forty five minutes to an hour and subsequent appointments are 20 to 30 minutes. During this time you will be asked a series of questions designed to establish an individualised picture of your health and personality. This may mean recalling events in your life, which have been very significant as well as past medical history and that of your parents.

Please note that Subrata has 43+ years of Clinical experience; also lectured all over the world. You are paying for his expertise and not actually for the time/minutes spent.

First Consultation (In person or Skype/Tel.) – £225 / US$380
Subsequent Consultations (In person or Skype/Tel) – £85 / US$125
Mid Appointment Emergency (E-mail or Telephone) – £25 / US$45

Recommended for critical cases. Joint case analysis with Mrs. Janet Robinson Banerjea, Vice Principal, Allen College, of Homoeopathy and final assessment and prescription by Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea

  • Medical Board First Consultation:  (Approx 100 mins.) .…. US$900
  • Medical Board Follow-up Consultation: ..… US$700 
  • The course of medicine will be supplied and is included in the above fees.
  • Previous patients, who have discontinued treatment for 12 months, will be charged as a new case.
Any additional medicine e.g. herbal tinctures will be charged separately.


Overseas Consultations can take place via Skype or telephone.
Contact Calcutta (India) Office for Dr. Banerjea’s son, Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea, at (91) 98303 78816; ( 91) 98747 61866) for the first consultation and if the case needs to be referred, Dr. Subrata K Banerjea will see the patient during his next visit to India.

For a first appointment you will be sent a form, which needs to be completed and brought to the appointment. Generally subsequent appointments are 6 to 8 weeks apart.

Dr. Banerjea is registered with the Society Of Homoeopaths, U.K and Homoeopathic Medical Association UK. 


http://www.the-hma.org/find-a-member.html You can fund your treatment through Medical Insurance (if you so wish). 

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More about Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea and his work

Consultations take place at Sapiens, 382 Baddow Road, Great Baddow, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 9RA, England. Or alternatively online via skype.

For appointments: Tel.: 01245 505859 or by e.mail: info@allencollege.co.uk

Janet Banerjea


Janet’s commitment to homoeopathy began in 1982 when she witnessed the impact and benefits of homeopathic treatment for family and friends who were struggling with their health. She has been a practising Homoeopath since 1991 and began supervising and teaching in 1993. Janet’s diploma course inspired her to further her homoeopathic training by attending the Bengal Allen Course in Kolkata in 1992 which cemented her studies and furthered her quest for knowledge.

As a teacher and lecturer, Janet is enthusiastic and creative and encourages her students to engage actively in her lectures and learn the processes in a way that is memorable for each individual. Janet’s supervision groups are a supportive and engaging space in which practitioners discuss cases and practice issues.

Janet’s own practice is popular and busy with patients who frequently comment that they enjoyed their session and particularly appreciate Janet’s focus on listening throughout her attentive consultations.


Janet witnessed the benefits of homoeopathic treatment. She encourages students to engage actively in homoeopathy lectures

For appointments,  please contact Janet Banerjea by telephone on 01245 505858 or by e.mail at allencollege@hotmail.co.uk

Dr Saptarshi Banerjea

BHMS, M.D.(Hom.)​

Deputy Director – Bengal Allen Medical Institute Overseas Consultant-Orawan Holistic Institute,Thailand. Visiting Lecturer-Allen College of Homoeopathy,Essex, England

A homoeopathy teacher and a consultant who has a grasp of Materia Medica that makes his lectures wonderfully rewarding

For appointments, please contact Dr Saptarshi Banerjea at dr.saptarshib@gmail.com

Deputy Director – Bengal Allen Medical Institute Overseas Consultant– Orawan Holistic Institute,Thailand. Visiting Lecturer– Allen College of Homoeopathy,Essex, England

Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea is the fifth generation Homoeopath of the Banerjea family. As well as working as a Clinical Homoeopathic Consultant in various rural and slum clinics, he also sees patients in his Medical Centres.

Saptarshi also runs a Post-graduate Homoeopathy course in Bangkok, Japan, the US and Canada. His insights into prescribing with his grasp of Materia Medica make his lectures wonderfully rewarding and gives him the confidence in prescribing especially in cases with pathology.


Clinic in Calcutta, India:-

“Similimum”; 46, Creek Row;

Calcutta – 700 014. 

Mob.: 098303 78816; 098747 61866.

To watch some of his lectures, please visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbXVM0VFIFxpWktnSL1cVDg